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Brands: One-Handed Bandit Tyrannosaurus Lex Roulette Revolver

 Featured Products

  • Buxton's Revolver Roulette Rotating Shaft Kerrison
    Up, down, and all around. The Revolver Roulette™ provides the surgeon with seven bite positions in one Kerrison punch....

  • No need to twist the wrist or hold the instrument upside down for that 180 ̊ or awkward 45 ̊ bite. Simply grab the ribbed section of the shaft, push it into the handle and rotate the shaft to the desired position. Shafts are available in multiple bite sizes, footplate angles, shaft lengths, finishes and other special features, including a foraminotomy curve and a bayonet shaft. These wide range of options and available handle styles are detailed in the links and downloadable materials listed below.

    The Revolver Roulette can have multiple shafts with a single handle and takes up much less space than a full set of traditional Kerrison punches. The shafts also disassemble for deep cleaning. Convenient, customizable sterilizing cases to hold the desired assortment of shafts and handles can are also available from Buxton. 

    • Interchangeable shafts rotate to 7 different biting positions in 45˚ increments.
    • Standard "bonus" features include ejector shaft and 14 mm bite opening.
    •  Handle available with basic or soft silicone grip
    • Shaft comes apart for a thorough cleaning.
    • Replace shaft for a fraction of the price of a traditional Kerrison

    Additional information:

    Revolver Roulette Catalog (PDF)

    Talking Back, featuring Revolver Roulette (PDF)

  • Beatty and Bayonet-Beatty Foraminotomy Kerrisons
    Don't be defeated by the Dorsal process! Curving the shaft allows convenient access to this difficult-to-reach area without having to pass through the treacherous epidural space or navigate around the interspinous ligament....

  • Now that extensive facetectomy and total laminectomy for spinal stenosis are generally discouraged, interest in performing foraminotomies as an alternative procedure has grown. Reaching the underside of the foramen is a daunting challenge with a standard, straight-shaft Kerrison-style punch. Curving the shaft allows convenient access to this difficult-to-reach area without having to pass through the treacherous epidural space or navigate around the interspinous ligament. The first curved shaft rongeurs appearing in the early 1980's featured right-angled footplates and relied upon awkward, vulnerable and expensive multiple linkages to navigate the upward curve.

    The foramen could be reached, but surgeons complained of difficulty in obtaining a satisfactory bite. Robert A. Beatty, M.D. suggested modifying this rongeur by angling the footplate forward, thereby enhancing its bone grasping ability. The introduction of Buxton's Foraminotomy Punch included an innovative, flattened upper shaft. This feature gave flexibility to this segment, enabling it to better negotiate the curve imposed upon it by the lower shaft. As a result, it reduced the bulk and visual obstruction at the tight and critical working end.

    Proud of an innovation as simple and as strong as it is both safe and cost effective, we offer these fine instruments in the most popular bite sizes or as a comprehensive set of three.

    The growing popularity of surgery through a tube induced the logical union.  An offset shaft moves the obtrusive hand out of the line of vision while our newly introduced shallow curve assures the instrument’s easy passage through the restrictive cannula. Select from among three up bite sizes (2 mm, 3 mm and 4 mm) and two, beyond-the-bayonet shaft lengths of 150 mm and 180 mm.

    Both classic Beatty and Bayonet-Beatty Kerrisons are also available in Take-A-Part versions and/or with ceramic finish.

    Additional Information

    Beatty & Bayonet-Beatty Foraminotomy Kerrisons (PDF)

    Ceramic Beatty & Bayonet-Beatty Foraminotomy Kerrisons (PDF)

    Take-A-Part Beatty Foraminotomy Kerrisons (PDF)

    Take-A-Part Bayonet-Beatty Foraminotomy Kerrisons (PDF)

  • Dahmen Osteotomes and Slim Grip Curettes
    A closer examination of our Osteotomes, Gouges and Curettes reveal their finely-honed craftsmanship and longer, slimmer dimensions, quickly placing them a cut above the rest....

  • Assiduous curetting of disc material requires a curette to work with, rather than against, the hand that guides it. To this purpose, length, weight, handle-shape and balance work in concert to define the “handling” characteristics of even basic scraping instruments.  

    Buxton’s Slim-Grip curettes feature compact handles of linen phenolic that carries a striking resemblance to the look, feel and mass of wood. At 270 mm in overall length and with a notably slim 150 mm long shaft, they can adequately reach into most wound sites while maintaining exceptional balance.

    Originally, these instruments were available in only straight and forward angle versions, but Buxton has added a retro-angle version in the full range of sizes from 5/0 through 6.

    Additional Information

    Dahmen Osteotomes & Gouges and Dahmen-Lexer Osteotomes & Gouges

    Slim Grip Curettes

    Linen Phenolic Mallets

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