Spinal Elements  

The largest privately held spine company in the USA.

Spinal Elements is a leading designer, developer, and manufacturer of surgical solutions for spinal disorders headquartered in Carlsbad, California.  Spinal Elements’ mission is to improve the lives of those who rely on our technology by being a trusted provider of innovation, quality, service, and value to those delivering care to spine surgery patients.  We will continue to surround core differentiated technologies with supportive products and services to provide complete surgical solutions.

Brands: Ceres, Sapphire, Crystal, Vertu, Lotus, Magnum+, Lucent, OmegaLIF, iO-Flex, Clutch, Mercury, Overwatch, Zeus, Ti-Bond, Orios, Hero, Expandable, Spine, Katana, OLLIF, Karma, Provenda, Nevos, Allos


MIS Ultra™ from Spinal Elements
Magnum+® Stand-Alone, No Profile ALIF with Ti-Bond® Titanium Porous Coating
Katana® Lateral Access System
Lucent® XP Expandable Lumbar Interbody System with Ti-Bond® Titanium Porous Coating
Spinal Elements® Cervical Portfolio

 Featured Products

  • Lucent® XP Expandable Lumbar Interbody System with
    The Lucent XP Lumbar Interbody System features implants that are designed to increase concurrently in height and lordosis, and are used to restore height of the disc space and sagittal balance....

  • Expanding Options

    • 3mm of expansion
    • Up to 15° of lordosis
    • Multiple implant options
    • Self-Locking expansion mechanism


    • Hydrophilic
    • Radiolucent
    • Increased surface topography
    • Designed for immediate stability
    • Elastic modulus and strength of PEEK with benefits of microtextured titanium

    Coupled Lordosis

    • Controlled placement and expansion to fit varying patient anatomy
    • Lordotic angle increases concurrently with height expansion
    • Restores disc height and sagittal balance


    MM-160-0004 Rev. 20200928

  • Katana® Lateral Access System
    Establishes and maintains position throughout procedure in One Pass by the Plexus. Nested design establishes operative corridor in 20% fewer steps*....

  • Katana® Lateral Access System


    • One pass by the lumbar plexus
    • Single nested dilator and k-wire


    • Access in fewer number of steps
    • Reduced passes reduced steps


    • Katana’s unique nested dilator and blade design securely establishes and maintains the working corridor throughout the procedure.

    *compared to traditional sequential dilation systems

    Lucent® Lateral Lumbar Interbody System with Ti-Bond® Technology

    • Designed to provide a favorable environment for fusion
    • Features on all levels – Macro – Micro – Nano
      • Surface roughness for immediate stability
      • Increased overall surface topography
    • Elastic modulus and strength of PEEK
    • Imaging-friendly to assess fusion

  • Sapphire® Confidence with Every Turn
    The Sapphire Anterior Cervical Plate System features one of the lowest profiles on the market. Multiple screw options are designed to provide robust thread engagement and easy insertion with elegant instrumentation....

  • Sapphire®

    Thin Plate Profile

    • 2mm thin design to minimize protrusion
    • Contoured to fit anatomical curvatures
    • Optional plate bending

    Large Windows

    • Exceptional visualization of the interbody space in every plate length

    Proven Screw Design

    • Excellent retention to the Screwdriver
    • Robust thread engagement
    • Self-Drilling, Self-Tapping, Variable and Fixed

    Confident Locking

    • An audible click and a tactile feel confirm the screw is locked in the plate
    • The locking mechanism is built into the screw to maintain the low profile
    • Integrated locking system provides resistance to screw backout

    Intuitive Instrumentation

    The Sapphire system can simplify procedures with its functionality  

    • The Screwdriver design provides a secure interface for the screws
    • The Drill Guides lock to plates for a positive fit
    • The Double Barrel Awl-Drill-Tap-Screw (ADTS) Guide reduces the number of steps needed to secure the plate onto the vertebral bodies


    MM-MM-400-0002 Rev. 20200928

  • Overwatch® MIS Thoracolumbar Fixation System
    The Overwatch® MIS System was designed to powerfully correct and stabilize the posterior thoracolumbosacral spine percutaneously through its versatile collection of instruments and comprehensive implant offering....

    • 12.3 mm tulip profile may minimize tissue disruption.

    • Tulip features a friction fit design to maintain optimal head position.

    • 60° of poly-axial angulation and 17 mm of rod reduction allows for easy rod placement and management in all types of cases.

    • Undercut buttress thread design minimizes set screw cross-threading and tulip splay.

    • Novel compressor and distractor, directs forces percutaneously at the rod.

    • Available in Extended Tab or Cannulated Standard pedicle screw with Dual-Lead or DualFix™ threadforms.

    MM-260-0009 Rev. 20200928

  • Magnum+® Stand-Alone, No Profile ALIF System
    Magnum+ is a stand-alone, no profile ALIF system with Ti-Bond® titanium porous coating. The advanced locking system’s design is intended to minimize complexity and coated with Ti-Bond® to maximize success....

  • Advanced Locking ALIF System

    Minimize Complexity

    •             Locking Screws

    •             Lag Compression

    •             Multiple Insertion Options

    •             Controlled Delivery

    •             Mechanical Stability

    Titanium Porous Coating

    Maximize Success

    •             Immediate Stability

    •             Load Sharing

    •             Radiolucent

    •             Increased Surface Topography

    •             Hydrophilic


    MM-180-0003 Rev. 20201001

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