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Our mission is to deliver innovative, quality-driven solutions as we partner with health care professionals on improving patients’ lives. With a new leadership team composed of some of the best minds in spine, we are creating dynamic, agile and responsive innovations like never before.

At this year’s NASS meeting, we are excited to share multiple innovations, including differentiated intraoperative solutions from our implant and biologics portfolio, as well as first-to-market postoperative solutions accompanied by our market-leading bone growth therapy devices. Through technology, clinical evidence and our industry-leading medical education programs, we are focused on driving the next innovations in spine. Headquartered in Lewisville, Texas, Orthofix’s products are distributed in more than 70 countries via the company's sales representatives and distributors. For more information, please visit www.Orthofix.com.

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M6-C™ artificial cervical disc
FIREBIRD™ SI Fusion System
Trinity ELITE™ allograft
FORZA® XP Expandable Spacer System

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  • M6-C™ artificial cervical disc
    The M6-C™ artificial cervical disc offers an innovative non-fusion solution in treating degeneration of the cervical disc. The M6-C device is the only artificial cervical disc that mimics the structure and movement of a natural disc....

  • The TPS coating increases the bone contact surface area of the plates providing for long-term stability of the M6-C artificial cervical disc in the disc space.

    • This design enables the disc to move in all six degrees of freedom, with independent angular rotations along with independent translational motions.
    • The device is intended to replicate the physiological phenomenon of progressive resistance to motion in all six degrees of freedom.
    • The sheath is designed to minimize any tissue ingrowth as well as the migration of wear debris.
    • The serrated fins provide acute fixation to the superior and inferior vertebral bodies.
    • The TPS coating is intended to promote bone growth onto the plates providing long-term stability of the M6-C artificial cervical disc in the disc space.
    • The M6-C disc is currently offered in four different footprint sizes and two heights. 

    Learn more about the M6-C artificial cervical disc at our INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE

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    M6-C Disc Brochure

  • FIREBIRD™ SI Fusion System
    The FIREBIRD™ SI Fusion System is the first 3D-printed SI screw. This novel system features a 3D-printed porous nanotechnology mid-shaft region designed to allow for bone through growth through the device to aid in the fusion process....

    • The proprietary manufacturing process creates macroscopic 3D pores with microscopic roughened surface and nano-scale features on the mid shaft porous region
    • 400 micron pores and 50% porosity is designed to help facilitate bone ingrowth as suggested in an in-vivo ovine lumbar spinal fusion model.
    • Fenestrations allow for self-harvesting of graft materials and bony through-growth
    • Implants consists of cannulated, fenestrated 11mm and 12mm diameter implants in lengths ranging from 25mm to 70mm to accommodate the variety of patient anatomies.
    • Ergonomic Instrumentation retains procedural familiarity and increases simplicity with two implant technique options.
    • 11mm diameter screw offers up to 3.75mm of compression

    Learn more about the FIREBIRD SI Fusion System at our INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE

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    FIREBIRD SI Fusion Brochure 

  • O-GENESIS™ Graft System + Trinity ELITE™ Allograft
    Trinity ELITE™ allograft has been clinically shown to be safe and efficacious, including successful outcomes in high-risk patients. Trinity ELITE is compatible with the new O-GENESIS™ Graft Delivery System for efficient MIS application....

  • The O-GENESIS Graft Delivery System is designed to provide one-handed delivery of bone graft material. The sleek design allows greater visibility of the surgical site, ensuring targeted placement of bone graft for MIS procedures. O-GENESIS is ergonomic for both surgeon and the back table when loading and delivering Trinity ELITE allograft.

    • ELITE Graft

    Trinity ELITE allograft provides the attributes of autograft; Osteoconductive, Osteoinductive and Osteogenic. FiberLOCK™ technology offers versatile handling with no carrier added.

    • ELITE Processing

    Exclusively processed by MTF Biologics; validated processing methods are tailored to retain the inherent growth factors and maintain cell health. 

    • ELITE Results

    With ten years on the market and over 200,000 implants, Trinity allografts provide a strong history of clinical results1-3.

    Preliminary clinical and radiographic results from a multicenter, prospective study indicate that Trinity ELITE promotes successful fusion in subjects undergoing lumbar fusion surgery, without the risk of complications.

    • 75 subjects were evaluated: 92% fusion at 12 months using both bridging bone and motion. Assessed by an independent reviewer (MMI).

    Learn more about the O-GENESIS Graft System and Trinity ELITE Allograft at our INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE

    Product Resources

    Trinity ELITE Brochure

    O-GENESIS Graft Delivery System Brochure

    1. Data on file with MTF Biologics

  • Connector System
    The Connector System is a comprehensive system designed to reduce the complexity of revising and extending existing spinal constructs....

  • The Connector System is a comprehensive system designed to reduce the complexity of revising and extending existing spinal constructs.  The system includes a variety of Rod-to-Rod Connectors, Bypass Connectors, Axial In-Line Connectors and Z Rods as well as unique instrumentation intended to facilitate the removal of bony anatomy.  The Connector System eliminates the need to remove existing hardware while providing stability at adjacent levels.  

    • All-Inclusive System - Comprehensive offering eliminates the need to remove existing hardware for revision procedures
    • Improved Intra-Operative Efficiency – May decrease operative time and potential complications as existing hardware doesn’t have to be removed
    • Bone-Preparation Instruments – Facilitates fusion mass removal commonly associated with revision procedures
    • Compatible with Multiple Orthofix Spinal Fixation Systems – Accommodates multiple posterior surgical approaches and rod diameters
    • Rigid Fusion Constructs – Revision implants provide mechanical stability at target and adjacent levels
    • Low-Profile Implants – Implants are designed to minimize interference with bony anatomy

    Learn more about the Connector System at our INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE

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    Connector System Brochure

  • FORZA® XP Expandable Spacer System
    The FORZA® XP Expandable Spacer System is a titanium alloy expandable interbody for PLIF/TLIF procedures. The system features a range of spacers with height expansion capability to fit patient anatomy and unique instrumentation for an efficient procedure....

    • Minimum starting insertion height of 6.5mm and up to 23° of lordosis
    • Controlled continuous expansion† – not incremental like some competitors
    • Automatic locking – height stability without an extra locking step
    • Anatomic profile – optimal fit within vertebral endplates*
    • Inserter stays in place for insertion, expansion, and graft material post packing – fewer passes by the nerve root with instrumentation
    • Placement of bone graft after expansion – able to fill the graft window space with implant in situ

    *Note: 6.5mm implants do not have anatomic endplates

    †Controlled expansion up to 3mm

    Learn more about the FORZA XP Expandable Spacer System at our INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE 

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    FORZA XP Brochure

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