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Isto Biologics - Helping Patients Heal Faster

Isto Biologics provides best-in-class solutions for bone growth and cell-based therapy to help clinicians achieve better patient outcomes.

  • InQu® – a clinically-proven, biosynthetic bone graft extender & substitute that promotes faster fusion
  • Influx™ –  delivers regenerative capacity in a versatile 100% pure human bone graft
  • Magellan® - an autologous concentration system that provides high concentrations of platelets & cells from bone marrow aspirate and whole blood
  • Influx SPARC is a fully pliable, cellular-enriched allograft with a high concentration of growth factors

Brands: Magellan® Autologous Concentration System InQu® Bone Graft Extender & Substitute Influx™ Advanced allograft technology Influx™ SPARC cellular-enriched allograft


Magellan Autologous Concentration System
Isto Company Overview

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 Press Releases

  • Isto Biologics, the Orthobiologics Pioneers, Named 2020 Top Orthopedic Solution Provider

    Isto Biologics, a leading orthobiologics company focused on helping patients heal faster, has just been named a 2020 Top 10 Orthopedic Solution Provider by MedTech Outlook for exhibiting innovative technologies and strategies that can effectively and economically address the major challenges in orthopedics.

    Isto Biologics is committed to improving patient quality of life by using the science of human biology to advance solutions for spine, orthopedics, regenerative medicine, and sports medicine. With a dedication to helping patients heal faster, this acknowledgement with MedTech Outlook further validates Isto Biologics’ core mission of providing patients with the highest level of care necessary.

    The company works closely with orthopedic spine, trauma, joint, and foot and ankle surgeons to understand their unique needs and offer a robust portfolio of solutions for bone regeneration and cell-based therapies. Among Isto Biologics’ broadening portfolio, their best-in-class solutions include the Magellan®Autologous Concentration System; InQu®, a cell-friendly biosynthetic bone graft extender and substitute; and Influx™, a line of advanced allograft technology.

    The latest innovation from Isto Biologics is InfluxTM SPARC, a next-generation, Cellular Bone Matrix (CBM) containing essential components for new bone development. This fully pliable, cellular-enriched allograft has a high concentration of growth factors for use in bone repair or reconstruction.

    InfluxTM SPARC is an addition to Isto Biologics’ existing InfluxTM portfolio, a line of advanced allograft technology that delivers regenerative capacity in a versatile, 100% pure human bone graft.

    “We are honored to be named a 2020 Top Provider of Orthopedic Solutions,” said Don Brown, Isto Biologics chief executive officer. “As pioneers in the orthobiologics space, we will always be committed to providing novel solutions for our surgeons and their patients and will continue to make advancements to fill the gaps in the industry.”

    To learn more about how Isto Biologics is pioneering the use of biologic solutions to enable rapid bone healing, visit their MedTech Outlook profile here.

    About Isto Biologics

    Isto Biologics was formed in 2016 when St. Louis-based Isto Technologies and Arteriocyte Medical Systems Inc. of Hopkinton, MA, merged under the Isto Holdings umbrella. Isto Biologics is focused on Helping Patients Heal FasterTM through innovative solutions for bone regeneration and cell-based therapies. The company’s flagship product offerings include the market-leading Magellan® autologous platelet separator and bone-growth products including InQu® Bone Graft Extender & Substitute, and Influx™, a line of natural bone graft material.

    For more information or to learn more, view our solutions.

 Featured Products

  • Magellan®
    The MAGELLAN® is an autologous concentration system that delivers concentrated platelets and cells at the point of care. -Automated & Closed-loop Technology -Customizable Platform & Multiple Product Options -Consistent and Reproducible Results...

  • Fully Automated

    Fully-automated, closed system produces consistent and reproducible output requiring no manual extraction

    Optimized to provide high concentrations of platelets, progenitor cells, and platelet-associated growth factors in low final output volume

    A single disposable kit can process up to three cycles per patient, offering a cost-effective solution

    Adaptive technology adjusts processing times based on patient’s specific blood and marrow composition

    Flexibility to process both bone marrow aspirate and whole blood at the point-of-care

    Built to Concentrate
    Achieves concentration factors up to 14 times baseline

  • InQu®
    InQu® is the cell-friendly biosynthetic™ bone graft with proven clinical efficacy leading to faster bone fusion. -Cell-friendly -Exceptional Handling -Faster Fusion & Better Efficacy...


    InQu Bone Graft Extender & Substitute combines a biologic molecule with the consistency and cost effectiveness of a synthetic to create a new category of bone graft: biosynthetic.

    Unique Formulation
    InQu's composition of a resorbable polymer, PLGA, integrated with a biologic molecule, hyaluronic acid, creates a biosynthetic scaffold ideal for bone regeneration.

    Tailored Resorption Time
    PLGA provides a biopolymer scaffold with a resorption profile tailored to match the rate of new bone formation.

    Rapid Cell Binding
    Hyaluronic acid creates a cell-friendly microenvironment with favorable pH, allowing InQu to bind up to 78% of MSCs within 20 minutes.

  • Influx™
    Influx™ is a line of advanced allograft technology that delivers regenerative capacity in a versatile ,100% pure human bone graft. Influx™ SPARC is a next generation, CBM containing essential components for new bone development....

  • Influx™

    • 100% Human Bone
    • Osteoinductive (signal)1
    • Exceptional Handling
    • Enhanced osteoconductive (scaffold) regenrative capacity compared to particulate DBM2

    Influx™ SPARC

    • Offers cells, signal, and scaffold without the need to draw bone marrow aspirate
    • Additional growth factors are captured from bone lining cells and restored back into the product
    • Fully deminderalized cortical fibers contribute highly conductive, natural scaffold for bone regeneration1
    • Improved Handling

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