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Everyone with an interest in Spine research is talking about the “what” of surface topography & bone formation; Kuros Biosciences has figured out the “why

Kuros Biosciences aims to deliver decreased complications, advanced functional rehabilitation and to eliminate non-unions for spine surgeons and their patients. With over 40 peer-reviewed publications on surface-driven bone formation and more than 150 years of combined research experience, Kuros is well-established as leader in orthobiologics.

Our focus is on revolutionizing this field by developing bone grafts that deliver both targeted and controlled bone healing. Kuros recently launched MagnetOs, a unique calcium phosphate bone graft with submicron surface topography, that harnesses the power of osteoimmunology to deliver uniform, solid and stable spinal fusions. Visit www.kurosbio.com for additional information on Kuros, its people, scientific data and product pipeline.

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MagnetOs bone graft: Success is in the surface
MagnetOs bone graft: Two years clinical experience

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  • (Oct 02, 2020)

    Move beyond the expected solutions for spinal fusion

    Kuros Biosciences has over 150 years of collective orthobiologics research. That research has culminated in the publication of over 40 peer-reviewed scientific and clinical articles relating specifically to improvements in bone graft technology.

    Learn from our experts how the body’s immune system can be modulated to eliminate non-unions.

    You can select a personal 1:1 slot with one of our scientists at a time and date of your choosing. Once signed up, you will receive an email confirming your appointment and providing all the necessary information to join the online meeting. We look forward to speaking with you!

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    For more information visit: kurosbio.com/learning-hub/meet-the-expert/

 Press Releases

    • First investigational trial of a drug-biologic bone graft for spine fusion
    • Phase 2 trial in the U.S. compares Fibrin-PTH (KUR-113) with local autograft
    • Primary endpoint is radiographic interbody fusion at 12 months
    • Potential to address a major commercial opportunity

    The first patient has been treated in the STRUCTURE trial, investigating Fibrin-PTH (KUR-113) for transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF) procedures in patients with degenerative disc disease. The first patient was treated by Dr Richard Todd Allen, investigator at University California San Diego. The STRUCTURE trial is conducted under an open Investigational New Drug (IND) for spinal fusion, which was recently filed with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    Read the full Press Release HERE

    • Grant of European patent entitled ‘Osteoinductive composites’
    • Notice of allowance of Japanese patent from the same patent family
    • Further strengthens Kuros’s position as a leader in the field of orthobiologics

    Kuros Biosciences BV, has been granted the European patent, EP 3268058, entitled ‘Osteoinductive composites’. This patent covers certain combinations of polymers and granular materials and further expands Kuros’s patent portfolio relating to its MagnetOs product line. Kuros has also received notice of allowance of a patent application from the same patent family in Japan.

    Read the full Press Release HERE

    • Grant of US patent covering the use of PTH containing matrices for spinal fusion
    • Grant of US patent covering osteoinductive materials made by certain methods
    • Further strengthens Kuros’s position as a leader in the field of orthobiologics

    Kuros Biosciences subsidiary, Kuros Biosurgery AG, has been granted the US patent, US 10’589’001, entitled ‘Pharmaceutical formulation for use in spinal fusion’.  This patent covers the use of parathyroid hormone (PTH) containing matrices for spinal fusion.

    Read the full Press Release HERE

 Featured Products

  • MagnetOs bone graft
    Use a revolutionary bone graft with success in the surface We’re on a mission to help tackle the problem of non-unions. So we developed an advanced bone graft – with a unique submicron topography – for spinal fusions you can rely on....

  • Start safeguarding your patients against non-unions by harnessing the power of osteoimmunology with MagnetOs

    MagnetOs is an advanced bone graft with a porous trabecular structure that mimics human cancellous bone and a unique submicron surface topography that harnesses the power of macrophage polarization and osteoimmunology to form bone instead of scar tissue.1*

    This effect is so potent that MagnetOs can form bone in soft tissues without added cells or growth factors,2*¥ meaning in preclinical studies bone is formed simultaneously throughout posterolateral spine defects.3,4,5

    Get in touch to find out how its needle-shaped submicron feature promotes attachment and spreading of macrophages, leading to uniform, solid and stable spine fusions.1,3,4*

    Find out more at: kurosbio.com/magnetos/

    References and Disclaimers

    1. Data on file, 2019.

    2. Duan R, et al. Eur Cell Mater 2019;37:60-73.

    3. Van Dijk LA, et al. JOR Spine 2018;e1039.

    4. Van Dijk LA, et al. J Biomed Mater Res B Part B 2019:9999B:1-11.

    5. Walsh W et al., NASS 2019 annual meeting, oral presentation; van Dijk et al. Clin Spine Surg; 2020; Feb [Epublication].

    * Results from in vitro or in vivo laboratory testing may not be predictive of clinical experience in humans.

    ¥ MagnetOs is not cleared by FDA as an osteoinductive bone graft.

    Please refer to the Instructions for Use for a full list of indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions.

  • Fibrin-PTH
    Our latest product candidate delivers targeted and controlled bone formation....

  • Fibrin-PTH (KUR-113) promotes bone formation through the induction of osteoprogenitor cell differentiation, enhancement of osteoblast proliferation and by increasing the lifespan of bone-forming cells. Fibrin-PTH (KUR-113) is in Phase 2 clinical trials for spine fusion in humans.

    To learn more visit: kurosbio.com/fibrin-pth/

    Disclaimer: Fibrin-PTH (KUR-113) is an investigational drug/biologic combination product candidate. Fibrin-PTH (KUR-113) has been evaluated in animals for use in lumbar interbody fusion. The safety & efficacy of Fibrin-PTH (KUR-113) has not yet been evaluated for spinal fusion in humans.

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