BAUI Spine

New Taipei City, 
  • Booth: 1959

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BAUI Biotech Co. Ltd., has started to supply spinal implants and instruments since 2009. With 28-year experience of medical implants foundry and manufacturing, non-stop research, and its own R&D team, the quality and stability of the products are ensured to be competitive with world brands. The elites and professionals with relevant experiences in medical background are grouped to provide precise and safe spinal medical products, services, and marketing. Therefore, having BAUI is to have the most state of the art and the safest products including cervical and lumbar fusion system, stabilization system, and MIS to surgeons and maximum benefits to patients.

Brands: BAUI, BAUI Spine,The ReBron Essence, The ReBron Essence NOVA Minimal Invasive System, The ReBorn Essence Z-Brace Intervertebral Fusion Device System, ReBorn Essence AWESOME Connection Rod