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DiFusion Inc., is a manufacturer of SMART Medical Polymers

Surgical Site Infections (SSIs) are a common complication surgeons confront in orthopedic surgery, with an estimated 780,000 post-operative infections occurring in the United States each year. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as MRSA (also known as “Superbugs”) have been a growing concern with a rising incidence of both hospital and community acquired MRSA infections. Post-operative spine infections have been reported in large studies to range in incidence from 2.5% to 13%, costing the health care industry an estimated $150 million dollars a year. SSIs have been a focal point for quality improvement as part of the “pay for performance” initiative for both hospitals and physicians. There is a growing mandate in the medical and healthcare communities to develop protocols to minimize or eliminate SSIs within hospitals, such as the Ascension Heath Surgical Care Improvement Project. DiFUSION aims to play an enormous role in the efforts to eliminate SSIs and their overall damaging impact to the medical arena.

Brands: ZFUZE is a composite PEEK / Zeolite material which is highly hydrophilic and osteoconductive CleanFuze is a composite PEEK / Silver Zeolite biomaterial which is antimicrobial