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Time is money. LES technologies = More time & better results

Leveraging the Less Exposure Surgery (LES) philosophy, AxioMed & SpineFrontier set a new standard of outpatient care providing better results for surgeons & patients. 

SpineFrontier’s LES technologies are created in collaboration with surgeons, resulting in faster operating times, less blood loss & psoas-sparing techniques, which optimizes patient recovery. Featured products: A-CIFT™ SoloFuse-P Cervical Intervertebral Fusion Device System, Inset® Anterior Cervical Plate, S-LIFT Sagittal Lumbar Interbody, PedFuse® Respond® Pedicle Screw System.

AxioMed’s Freedom® Disc is a next generation viscoelastic total disc replacement. The one-piece Freedom® Cervical & Lumbar Discs facilitate pain relief & restore motion. Surgeons in EU, JA & AU are seeing remarkable results, with about 800+ discs implanted. By focusing on restoration of the natural function of the spine, AxioMed will enhance human health through research, innovation, development & service worldwide.

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