CellRight Technologies, Inc.

Universal City,  TX 
United States
  • Booth: 1855

CellRight Welcomes the 2017 NASS participants.

 Matrix OI®, MatrixCellect 100 DBM putty, ConCelltrate Inductive Carrier Matrix and Cortical Fibers are osteoinductive verified scaffolds processed using CellRight Technologies’ proprietary processing technology.   These products are processed in a manner that preserves the native bmp's and growth-factors.  The products are verified for osteoinductivity by an independent laboratory post sterilization.  The revolutionary design uses Geometric Compression™ that minimizes or eliminates the use of fixation devices that support graft placement.  The product’s design and pliable handling characteristics facilitate minimally invasive patient and surgeon preferred surgical procedures. These product s have the ability to be delivered through a cannula in mini-open or minimally invasive procedures.  The scaffolds are an ideal delivery vehicle and may be used in conjunction with bone marrow aspirate (BMA), platelet rich plasma (PRP) and other cellular components in accordance with the physician’s well-informed medical judgment.   The products are 100% human bone and do not have a carrier.  These products will not dissipate with irrigation.

Brands: Matrix OI Strips, Matrix OI Blocks, Matrix OI Filler, Matrix OI-FlexIT, MatrixCellect 100 DBM Putty, MatrixCellect 100 DBM Crunch, ConCelltrate 100, Cortical Fibers and Matrix IQ decellularized dermis