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Thanks for 20+ years of trust in VertAlign & ComfAlign



For over 20 years, you have trusted our clinically proven VertAlign ® & ComfAlign® Spinal Supports to offer effective TLSO and LSO external spinal stabilization, from "immobilization through support" for your patients.  Whether you need post surgical or trauma stabilization or pain relief, the VertAlign & ComfAlign systems provide unique, patented, "select and apply," molded, rigid, gender-specific orthoses available at the point of patient care, which results in timely, effective spinal care.

The VertAlign & ComfAlign also offer conservative care for the non-surgical patient or to help evaluate the necessity of surgery for your patient, while still addressing pain control, patient safety and compliance. Because of their durability and adjustability, the VertAlign & ComfAlign spinal orthoses can provide for acute episodes or chronic care and then be used by the same patient post surgically, if the need for surgery arises.

This is why the The Bremer Group has been trusted to provide for the orthotic needs of spinal conditions for over two decades. Thank you for your confidence in the integrity of our products

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