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Biologica Technologies is a company established to provide innovative biologic products. We are fully dedicated to improving patients' lives and the health care providers’ experience through groundbreaking tissue processing methods that access the naturally occurring growth factors found within allograft tissue. Our focus is the aesthetic and orthopaedic markets, with ProteiOS growth factor being our first product introduction into the spine/ortho market.

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 New Products for 2018

  • ProteiOS
    ProteiOS growth factor...

  • ProteiOS possesses the largest amount of non-recombinant osteoinductive, angiogenic and mitogenic growth factors on the market today.  ProteiOS captures naturally occurring growth factors found within allogeneic bone marrow cells and lyophilizes them into a sterile, shelf-stable product that can be used within 20 seconds.  The product can be added to a surgeon's osteoconductive scaffold of choice providing flexibility in cost and handling preferences.