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United States
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Experience savvy LED Illumination technology

For over four decades, BFW™ remains a technological leader in surgical headlights and headlight imaging systems. Our expansive and innovative Lighthouse™ Series provides a wide range of LED headlight and video systems – all built to handle the rigor of the OR – with the Hatteras™ LED Light Source that is tested and cleared for use with headlights, instruments and endoscopes as well as a selection of portable LED headlights to meet any need.  The Pharos HD Coaxial Headlight/Camera System provides an unprecedented surgeon's-eye-view of a procedure; excellent for teaching as well as an invaluable aid to the OR staff. Our products are engineered and proudly built in the USA. BFW is a known for its quality products and service.

Brands: Dover™, Bristol™ , Daymark™, Hatteras™, AtoN™ , Pharos™ HD, Racon™

 New Products for 2018

  • Daymark LED Portable Headlight System
    High Intensity Surgical Headlight with Adjustable Spot; Comfortable and Robust ...

  • Our new high-intensity portable LED headlight system provides 5 levels of crisp illumination up to 60,000 LUX at 16″ (40cm) for 5-hours from a single battery charge. Its surgical quality optic has a fully adjustable iris that projects a 1-to-4-inch clean spot at a 16″ (40cm) working distance. With a unique 2-button On-Off intensity control designed into its battery holster and an ergonomic snap in – one twist connector, Daymark is easy to use and built to perform under rigorous use.

  • Pharos HD Headlight/Video Camera System
    Equip Your Operating Room With A Cutting-Edge Surgical Headlight Camera Solution...

  • The Pharos HD™ is the only Coaxially Positioned Surgical Headlight Camera capable of recording in Full HD.

    With the Pharos HD™, you can record operations and view footage from the surgeon’s point-of-view in proper quality for later use such as teaching and assessments.

    Pharos HD™ is an invaluable tool to the staff in the operating room as they can see exactly what the surgeon sees during the procedure.