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Artoss introduces NanoBone, A New Dimension in Bone Repair.

NanoBone Bone Graft harnesses the body’s capacity to heal bone and is an effective standalonegrafting material. NanoBone consists of nanocrystals of hydroxyapatite, bioidentical to human bone, in a silica gel matrix. Upon implantation, NanoBone triggers angiogenesis, enhancing the differentiation of bone forming cells and stimulating new bone formation. It is highly nanoporous, providing 40X greater surface area for binding autologous growth factors including BMP-2 critical to new bone formation. In 10-15 days, NanoBone is replaced by an autologous osteogenic matrix and the normal process of cell-mediated bone formation and resorption proceeds until completely converted to autologous bone. 

NanoBone has been used successfully for more than ten years in Europe and the US in more than 100,000 clinical cases. In a prospective study, bone healing with NanoBone Bone Graft used alone was comparable to autograft with a lower complication rate. This is the same standard that growth factor products use to secure FDA approval and is in contrast to cellular allografts which are not required to demonstrate equivalency to autograft. 

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NanoBone® Bone Graft Mechanism of Action

 Press Releases

  • Artoss, Inc. is pleased to announce the successful completion of its recent funding round of Unsecured Convertible Notes. The round, which began in 2017 with a target of raising $500,000, was oversubscribed to twice that amount or a total of $1 million. 

    James J. Cassidy, Ph.D., Managing Director of Artoss, Inc., the exclusive North American distributors for NanoBone® Bone Graft in orthopaedic surgery, said, “We have been overwhelmed by the interest shown in our second round of angel funding. We are especially grateful to those investors who participated in our 2016 funding round and chose to increase their investment in this round as well as to our new investors for their support of Artoss.” 

    Paul Byerley, Managing Director of Artoss, Inc. said, “We are very pleased with our commercial success to-date and appreciate the support of our investors. Surgeon feedback on the clinical performance of NanoBone SBX Putty and QDremains extremely positive. We look forward to expanding our distribution network to put our superior bone grafting solution in the hands of more surgeons.”.

    Artoss, Inc. is using the proceeds of this funding to support the development of additional NanoBone Bone Graft products for the US market, for costs associated with regulatory requirements, and for commercialization activities.

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 New Products for 2018

  • NanoBone® QD
    NanoBone QD contains NanoBone SBX Putty in an applicator designed for QD - Quick Delivery....

  • To extend the usability of NanoBone, we put the perfect handling of NanoBone SBX Putty in an applicator designed for QD – quick delivery. This easy-to-use device facilicates rapid implantation of our advanced bone graft in a controlled and precise manner. Artoss developed NanoBone QD to provide these benefits in a cost-effective delivery system.