Kirwan Surgical Products LLC

United States
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Kirwan Surgical leads in nonstick, electrosurgical products.

Kirwan Surgical Products LLC is dedicated to creating and developing high-quality specialty electrosurgical instruments and accessories.  An innovator in the field of electro surgery, we offer a full range of reusable and disposable bipolar forceps and bipolar cords.  Our top-of-the-line AURA Elite non-stick bipolar forceps employ the physics of high conductivity to achieve the non-stick effect during coagulation.  We offer a variety of bipolar forceps styles and features:  Bayonet, Straight, Non-Stick, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Irrigating/Non-Irrigating, Insulated/Non-Insulated, With/Without Stops and with various tip styles and angles.  Most features can be interchanged to customize the forceps to suit the surgeon's needs.  Our reusable and disposable cords, renowned for their flexibility, suppleness and durability, are popular in the market. Highlighting our product line is the AURA 70-Watt Irrigating Bipolar Electrosurgical Generator.  Kirwan Surgical also offers repair and refurbishment services.Visit     

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