Hensler Surgical Products

Charlotte,  NC 
United States
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Disposable Autograft harvesting devices, intuitive in design

Hensler Surgical Products, LLC is a Wilmington, NC based medical device company. We are focused on disposable surgical devices; specifically, autograft harvesting technologies and electrocautery bipolars. Founded in 2010, we are extremely proud of our products and the impact we have had the honor of being a part of- for patients on a global scale.

Our flagship product, the Hensler Bone Press, redefines the harvest and utilization of autograft generated by the high speed drill. Currently with over 13,000 cases used globally, we are extremely proud of the proven results and clinical viability using our device.

Our NEWEST Autograft device, the Hensler Bone Collector (HBC), makes quick cleaning and proficient procurement of autograft chips from ronguers, such as the Kerrisons, during laminar decompression. The safety arm of the HBC eliminates the requirement of using gloved hands to grab tissue and bone from the sharp cutting window of Kerrisons, Leksells, and even pituitaries and curettes.

The Hensler Bipolar Forcep is a non-stick bipolarn wth single use precision electrocautery-with lengths from 8" to 12", various tip sizes and irrigating bipolar options. 

Brands: Hensler Bone Press, Hensler Bone Collector, Hensler disposable electrocautery bipolars.


Hensler Bone Press - Promo 3D 2018 NASS
Hensler Bone Collector
Hensler Premier NON-stick disposable bipolars