Marksman Targeting

San Diego,  CA 
United States
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Reducing Radiation Through Reducing Repeat Images

Know where to start and what direction you are going before you begin.  3D Nav solutions still require you to hunt in 3 planes to find starting point and direction.  Why not know exactly where on the skin to start your surgery and know exactly in what direction to point your instruments.  Paradigms of the past are demanding million dollar solutions, paradigms of the future can be cost effective and improve outcomes in every corner of operational efficiency.  Join us in mastering methods that utilize your existing imaging equipment, Geometry and intuitive tools that will not need a software upgrade or undue risk to exposure to market trends.

Brands: Sckope Laser (Rangefinder) Spotter Access Needle (Ranger) Marksman Targeting (Range Master)


Marksman Targeting Pedicle Access